SGOLETFS Physical Swiss Gold Shares(Exchange Traded Fund )
XTF Rating* 9.1
Price:$121.59 0.26(0.21%)
52 Week:$109.45 - $130.83
Volume: 106,663
Avg Daily Volume: 33,261
Market Cap: $1,009,197,000 Avg Trade Size: 106 shares
Fund Turnover: 246 days 12/15/2017 4:00:00 PM

ETFS Physical Swiss Gold Shares is an exchange-traded fund incorporated in the USA. ETFS Physical Swiss Gold Shares ("the Shares") are issued by ETFS Gold Trust ("the Trust"). The investment objective of the Trust, Symbol: SGOL, is for the Shares to reflect the performance of the price of gold bullion, less the expenses of the Trust's operations. The Shares are designed for investors who want a cost-effective and convenient way to invest in gold.

Inception Date: 9/9/2009Geography: Global  Asset Class: Commodity
Primary Exchange: NYSE ArcaInvestment Philosophy: Passively ManagedPrice Basis: Physical (Spot)
Issuer: ETF Securities USA LLCUnderlying Index: LBMA Gold PM PriceHard Asset Type: Precious Metals > Gold
Index Provider: London Bullion Market AssociationIndex Composition: Equal-Weighted

Structural Integrity
Investment Metrics
Fund Holdings
Fund Exposure
News Headlines
SGOL Structural Integrity ranks in the 97th percentile (among all 155 Commodity ETFs over past 6 months).
as of 10/31/2017 Value  Rank (%)
Expense Ratio 0.39% 
Average Bid Ask Ratio Premium Content 
Tracking Error Premium Content 
Concentration Risk Premium Content 
Market Impact Premium Content 
Efficiency Premium Content 
Cap Gains Dist Premium Content 
as of 12/15/2017  
Avg Number of Components   (range) 1   (1-1)
Legal Structure Grantor Trust 
Annual Yield 0.00%
Last Dividend PaidDate 0.0, n/a   See Distributions
Options / Futures Available Y  /  N 
Short Interest / Days to Cover 0.2% /  0 days
Net Asset Value $1,005,328,370 
Premium (Discount) 0.38% 
*The XTF Rating for an ETF is based on statistical analysis of its structural integrity and investment metric giving a total range between 0 and 10 with 10 being the best. Read More.

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