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Average XTF Rating:   4.4Average Expense Ratio: .48%Total # Of ETFs: 15Aggregate Market Cap: $4.33B
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 JHMLJohn Hancock Multi-Factor Large Cap ETF8.60.34%EquityManulife GlobalJohn Hancock Dimensional Large Cap Index$875,610,000 VONEIYYSCHXIWBVTI
 JHMMJohn Hancock Multi-Factor Mid Cap ETF8.50.44%EquityManulife GlobalJohn Hancock Dimensional Mid Cap Index$1,544,771,000 IWRBKMCVOONEOSCHM
 JHMAJohn Hancock Multi-Factor Materials ETF5.40.50%EquityManulife GlobalJohn Hancock Dimensional Materials Index$22,584,256 RTMVAWFMATXLBIYM
 JHMCJohn Hancock Multi-Factor Consumer Discretionary ETF5.10.50%EquityManulife GlobalJohn Hancock Dimensional Consumer Discretionary Index$37,941,849 VCRXLYRCDFDISIEDI
 JHMTJohn Hancock Multi-Factor Technology ETF4.90.50%EquityManulife GlobalJohn Hancock Dimensional Technology Index$40,591,872 VGTFTECRYTIYWXLK
 JHSCJohn Hancock Multifactor Small Cap ETF4.90.50%EquityManulife GlobalJohn Hancock Dimensional Small Cap Index$485,037,750 BKSEEWMCFNXMDYIVOO
 JHMDJohn Hancock Multifactor Developed International ETF4.80.45%EquityManulife GlobalJohn Hancock Dimensional Developed International Index$450,198,000 BBINEFADEFAGSIDHFXI
 JHCSJohn Hancock Multifactor Media and Communications ETF4.30.40%EquityManulife GlobalJohn Hancock Dimensional Media and Communications Index$25,624,130 FCOMEWCOIYZIYCIGM
 JHMIJohn Hancock Multi-Factor Industrials ETF3.70.50%EquityManulife GlobalJohn Hancock Dimensional Industrials Index$38,185,504 VISFIDURGIXLIIYJ
 JHEMJohn Hancock Multifactor Emerging Markets ETF3.60.55%EquityManulife GlobalJohn Hancock Dimensional Emerging Markets Index$681,164,000 EEMHEEMBKEMEEMXIEMG
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